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Chikushou! is a simple, online japanese dictionary, powered with third-party resources. Its clean interface allows to use it easily on smaller devices. This project is free and constantly improved.

Please, let me know if you spot any problems or have questions:


Following resources were used:


Japanese-Multilingual Dictionary, an XML file containing over 176000 vocabulary definitions. Project started by Jim Breen in 1999, as a successor to an older EDICT project.

Actively maintained by Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group.

Website | License


XML file containing over 13000 kanji characters, their readings, definitions and various other information.

Created and maintained by Electronic Dictionary Research and Development Group

Website | License


Large collection of SVG files, each file has information of kanji character's stroke order and shape.

Created and maintained by Ulrich Apel.

Website | License


An article List of kanji radicals by stroke count was used as a reference material.

Website | License


Data on how each kanji is made up of what components. Created by Michael Raine, Jim Breen, The EDR&D Group at Monash University, Jim Rose,

Website / License