Search engine

Chikushou! allows you to search for specific phrases and kanji characters.

Search engine works pretty straightforward, as it will typically search for given input precisely. It behavior may be changed with wildcards and flags.

It is possible to perform search:

You can use wildcards both in vocabulary and kanji search.

Flag usage is restricted to vocabulary search only, as existing flags represent parts of speech.


  • use _ as a replacement for one character:
    • two characters long definitions, starting with kanji: 猫_
    • second character unknown: "j_sho"
  • use * as a replacement for none or many characters:
    • definitions containing "dog" anywhere in them: *dog*
    • definitions ending with "cat", with anything preceding it: *cat
  • combine wildcards for more accurate results:
    • definitions containing "dog" exacly inside them: *_dog_*
    • at least two characters long definitions, starting with kanji: 猫_*
  • in phonetical search, place wildcards between quotation marks: "rōmaj__*"


  • it is possible to narrow vocabulary search to a specific part of speech:
    • search for expressions containing "dog": dog --exp
    • search for any prefix: --pref
  • flag placement does not matter, following queries are equivalent:
  • only one flag, the last one, will be used:
  • in phonetical search, place flag outside quotation marks:
  • following flags can be used:
  • verbotherany verb
    godanotherany Godan verb
    ichidanotherany Ichidan verb
    suruotherany Suru verb (or based on Suru)
    kuruotherKuru verb (or based on Kuru); alias of vk
    nidanotherany Nidan verb
    yodanotherany Yodan verb
    adjectiveotherany adjective
    adverbotherany adverb (or with similar function)
    aux-votherauxiliary verb
    n-protherproper noun
    n-prefothernoun, used as a prefix
    n-sufothernoun, used as a suffix
    n-tothertemporal noun
    viotherintransitive verb
    vnotherirregular nu verb
    vrotherirregular ru verb, plain form ends with -ri
    vtothertransitive verb
    adj-fadjectivenoun or verb acting prenominally
    adj-ixadjectiveadjective - yoi/ii class
    adj-kuadjective`ku' adjective (archaic)
    adj-nariadjectivearchaic/formal form of na-adjective
    adj-pn adjectivepre-noun adjectival
    adj-shiku adjective`shiku' adjective (archaic)
    adj-tadjective`taru' adjective
    aux-adjadjectiveauxiliary adjective
    adv-toadverbadverb taking the `to' particle
    n-advadverbadverbial noun
    v1ichidanIchidan verb
    v1-sichidanIchidan verb - kureru special class
    vzichidanIchidan verb - zuru verb (alternative form of -jiru verbs)
    v2a-snidanNidan verb with 'u' ending (archaic)
    v2b-knidanNidan verb (upper class) with `bu' ending (archaic)
    v2d-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `dzu' ending (archaic)
    v2g-knidanNidan verb (upper class) with `gu' ending (archaic)
    v2g-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `gu' ending (archaic)
    v2h-knidanNidan verb (upper class) with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
    v2h-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
    v2k-knidanNidan verb (lower class) with `ku' ending (archaic)
    v2k-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `ku' ending (archaic)
    v2m-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `mu' ending (archaic)
    v2n-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `nu' ending (archaic)
    v2r-knidanNidan verb (lower class) with `ru' ending (archaic)
    v2r-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `ru' ending (archaic)
    v2s-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `su' ending (archaic)
    v2t-knidanNidan verb (lower class) with `tsu' ending (archaic)
    v2t-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `tsu' ending (archaic)
    v2w-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `u' ending and `we' conjugation (archaic)
    v2y-knidanNidan verb (upper class) with `yu' ending (archaic)
    v2y-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `yu' ending (archaic)
    v2z-snidanNidan verb (lower class) with `zu' ending (archaic)
    v4byodanYodan verb with `bu' ending (archaic)
    v4hyodanYodan verb with `hu/fu' ending (archaic)
    v4kyodanYodan verb with `ku' ending (archaic)
    v4myodanYodan verb with `mu' ending (archaic)
    v4ryodanYodan verb with `ru' ending (archaic)
    v4syodanYodan verb with `su' ending (archaic)
    v4tyodanYodan verb with `tsu' ending (archaic)
    v5arugodanGodan verb - -aru special class
    v5bgodanGodan verb with `bu' ending
    v5ggodanGodan verb with `gu' ending
    v5kgodanGodan verb with `ku' ending
    v5k-sgodanGodan verb - Iku/Yuku special class
    v5mgodanGodan verb with `mu' ending
    v5ngodanGodan verb with `nu' ending
    v5rgodanGodan verb with `ru' ending
    v5r-igodanGodan verb with `ru' ending (irregular verb)
    v5sgodanGodan verb with `su' ending
    v5tgodanGodan verb with `tsu' ending
    v5ugodanGodan verb with `u' ending
    v5u-sgodanGodan verb with `u' ending (special class)
    vssuru/kurunoun or participle which takes the aux. verb suru
    vs-csuru/kurusu verb - precursor to the modern suru
    vs-isuru/kurusuru verb - irregular
    vs-ssuru/kurusuru verb - special class
    vksuru/kuruKuru verb - special class